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Speech Processing Solutions Introduces Philips SpeechLive Cloud Dictation and Philips SpeechScribe Transcription

Cloud-based dictation, transcription, and secure storage services provide voice technology efficiency.
Posted Apr 30, 2014
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Speech Processing Solutions has launched Philips SpeechLive and SpeechScribe cloud-based voice technology services for professional dictation users.

Philips SpeechLive is a cloud-based solution for dictation management. Each SpeechLive user can access and download dictations anywhere and anytime a Web browser is available; no additional software is needed.

While uploading a recording from a dictation device to SpeechLive for storage and transcription, the files are double encrypted, which provides an additional level of security for all users. SpeechLive also ensures a completely secure backup option with all accounts and can restore accidentally deleted dictations if needed.

All Philips dictation devices, including Philips Pocket Memos, SpeechMikes, and SpeechExec dictation recorders for smartphones, are compatible withSpeechLive. In addition, SpeechLive integrates with Philips SpeechExec software so there is no workflow disruption upon implementation.

With the launch of SpeechLive also comes the availability of Philips SpeechScribe, a 360-degree transcription solution that provides finished documents in two steps. Users speak into their dictation devices and upload recordings to the SpeechLive cloud. Once transcribed, SpeechLive automatically sends finished documents back to the users. 

SpeechLive offers flexible subscription options that can accommodate both businesses and individual users. With all subscriptions, the service is customizable for the user’s individual needs.

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