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Speech-enabled Order System BigShop Discharges Call Centers

STRUTTGART, GERMANY - SpeechCo enlarges his product line with the speech-enabled automatic order-line BigShop.
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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STRUTTGART, GERMANY - SpeechCo, the speech recognition integrator for the creation of solutions and applications with large grammars for industry, commerce and service applicable for information and transaction systems, enlarges his product line with the speech-enabled automatic order-line BigShop. The modules of BigShop reach from processing of an order to automated integration into existing merchandise control and telecommunication systems. All applications use speaker independent automatic speech recognition and announcements in recordings or speech synthesis. BigShop is either able to ask for order numbers and further article features (size, color, quantity) successively or to gather an order within a single sentence ("Give me 3 pairs of shoes from the brand 'Atlanta' in size 8 and with the color brown.") The system asks for missing attributes in this case. Security is enabled through accessing the system by customer number and the appropriate birth date and is equivalent to the existing security methods used in the internet today. In the case of a high degree of security, biometric methods of speaker verification can be used. This method was subject to a study in the Centre for Communications Interface Research from the University Edinburgh. The basis for the product family BigShop - as for all products from SpeechCo - is the SpeechCo-Voice-Platform (SCVP). This platform allows the development of tailor-made customer needs through its modularity.
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