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Speechmatics Launches Real-Time Virtual Appliance

New captioning software offers greater control, flexibility, and real-time capabilities.
Posted Sep 11, 2017
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Speechmatics last week launched the Real-Time Virtual Appliance for automatic speech recognition.

With the Real-Time Virtual Appliance, users can plug Speechmatics' new software directly into an audio stream and get instantaneous real-time transcription. Speechmatics' technology has been built from the ground up to offer the same capabilities in real time as it already does in the batch cloud transcription service.

To increase accuracy further, Speechmatics' Real-Time Virtual Appliance adjusts words as the context within a sentence becomes clearer. Users can adjust the balance between delay and accuracy and also use Speechmatics' dynamic transcript parameters to further increase accuracy.

With customers able to embed the Speechmatics' virtual appliance directly into their infrastructure, there is no reliance on the cloud. Data can be delivered within their own network at all times, minimizing external issues that could affect latency.

Speechmatics' Real-Time Virtual Appliance will be commercially available later this year, with licensing available on a per-stream or per-hour basis.

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