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Syntellect Launches Communications Portal 8.0

The latest release of Syntellect Communications Portal improves critical business reporting capabilities and brings integration with Syntellect CIM.
Posted Sep 16, 2010
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Syntellect today announced the launch of Syntellect Communications Portal (SCP) 8.0, its flagship IVR solution. This is the latest release of Syntellect’s PBX-independent, open and standards-based complete IP voice portal.

Highlighting more than 20 new features and functions to this major release is a completely updated reporting subsystem designed to provide ease of use, custom report creation, and value-focused management and statistical data. Additionally, SCP 8.0 introduces new functionality that fully enables the unification of Syntellect’s Customer Interaction Management (CIM) contact center offering with the IVR features of SCP. New design elements have been added to the SCP Studio design environment that extends CIM functions, creating a synchronous environment for organizations to leverage either of Syntellect’s live service and self-service platforms in a contiguous design environment.

“The Syntellect Communications Portal is critical to the success of our business because it allows us to quickly create the wide range of IVR and speech-based solutions our customers demand,” stated Peter Edel, advanced technology manager at Quentris. “Working with the Syntellect Communications Portal enables us to focus our attention on the needs of our customers – we don’t have to spend our time resolving technical issues and working out how to do things.”

Syntellect Communications Portal is an open, standards-based platform with integrated application development and management components that significantly reduce the time, cost and complexity of deploying voice and IP communications solutions. Beyond traditional IVR, the Communications Portal combines the industry’s most complete support for IP communication, including voice, video, SMS, and email messaging with comprehensive support for traditional voice communication. By melding these capabilities, the Communications Portal offers a multimodal portal that enables organizations to deploy all of their communication applications on a single platform.

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