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TAKE Supply Chain Launches Gemini Voice

The new hands-free plug and play release delivers a fast, affordable, speech-enabled warehousing solution.
Posted Jul 20, 2009
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In response to increasing demand for hands-free, speech-directed workflows for today’s mobile warehouse, TAKE Supply Chain has launched the new Gemini Simplified Interface (G.SI) Voice.

Gemini Voice is a voice-enabled user interfacing system that supports the company’s Gemini Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) and Oracle Discrete Manufacturing mobile data collection applications. The solution leverages TAKE’s G.SI approach by supplementing existing Oracle capabilities without costly, time-consuming modifications. By utilizing the existing system through common radio-frequency terminal interfaces, Gemini Voice can be implemented in days, rather than months as required by traditional systems, and for a fraction of the cost.

Gemini Voice uses speech technology from Voice-Insight, a leader in voice user interfaces for the logistics domain. It is integrated to work out-of-the-box for any G.SI transaction and supports more than 36 languages.

In noisy warehouse environments, the technology filters out virtually all background noise to make data capture easy, accurate and fast. Gemini Voice enables hands-free picking and putaway in order to significantly enhance productivity and accuracy across material handling operations. The information collected is immediately available to Oracle applications throughout the enterprise to improve control and visibility of key processes the moment they occur.

“Providing our customers with voice-enabled technology helps them achieve greater supply chain efficiencies by streamlining warehouse operations, while at the same time driving down cost,” said Warren Sumner, general manager of the enterprise software group at TAKE Supply Chain. “Gemini Voice brings to market a reliable and easy-to-use technology offered at a modest price point. Across the board, these are the types of applications manufacturers and distributors are seeking in order to improve their bottom lines.”

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