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Telefónica Presents AURA

Posted Feb 28, 2018
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Telefónica announced its fourth platform that, thanks to the application of cognitive capabilities, will be the basis for a new relationship model with customers. AURA will enable users to manage their digital experiences with the company and control the data generated by using Telefónica’s products and services in a transparent and secure manner. Telefónica becomes the first company in the industry to provide its customers the possibility of managing their relationship with the company based on cognitive intelligence.

The process of transformation began several years ago with the complex task of simplification and end-to-end digitalization of the company in order to make the three platforms it already had intelligent. Since 2012, Telefónica has invested approximately 48 billion Euro in this process both in the deployment of networks and other state-of-the art infrastructure, and in the integration of all its IT systems or the development of new digital products and services.

These platforms are building blocks that enabled Telefónica to develop a fourth, cognitive platform. AURA claims to redefine the interaction between Telefónica and its customers in a safe and simple environment, with transparency and control over personal information. AURA will facilitate the discovery of new value-added propositions based on the insights of their data and will be available through multiple channels and devices.

The fourth platform will make cognitive sense of this flow of data. Until now, this data was generated in an uninterrupted, although fragmented, manner by the networks and other physical assets of the company, its unified IT systems, as well as the products and services it offers to its users. These smart platforms will imply a major qualitative leap in the customers’ experience with the company.

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