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Theatro Launches CDM 2.0

Theatro CDM 2.0 lets company leaders create and manage voice messages for employees.
Posted Oct 10, 2017
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Theatro, providers of intelligent assistant and voice-controlled mobile app platforms, today released CDM 2.0, an update to its content management platform for voice. CDM 2.0 allows company leaders to create voice messages and automate their delivery to hourly workers in retail, hospitality, and manufacturing.

The new enhancements include more effective voice message creation and delivery through dynamic delivery rules, which are based on the skillsets of hourly workers or their physical locations. With the calendar view, leaders have a visual interface to manage their scheduled audio messages.

Management can now plan and build a library of voice messages that can be used over and over again, targeting any mix of audiences with promotional messages, important local events, critical training protocols, or even pre-recorded emergency protocol messages for a variety of safety scenarios.

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