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Theatro Unveils Voice-Assisted Selling Apps

Theatro works with CloudTags to develop an app for retail store associates helping customers on the sales floor.
Posted Mar 20, 2017
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Theatro, developers of voice-controlled wearables for hourly workers, has partnered with CloudTags to develop voice-assisted selling capabilities for retail sales associates. The app covertly delivers guidance in the ear of sales associates via Theatro's wearable Communicator to help them upsell, cross-sell, or recommend alternate products.

Theatro's voice assisted selling apps are powered by CloudTags recommendation engine and unique digital display capabilities.

In addition, Theatro and CloudTags will unveil a voice-directed content distribution application for retail. This solution enables associates to display product content on their tablets or digital displays in the store using their voice.

Theatro's heads-up and hands-free platform also connects associates to teammates and critical enterprise systems, such as pricing and inventory management, from anywhere in the store.

"Retailers today feel under siege in a hyper-competitive retail environment, but Theatro's voice solutions give them powerful new tools to win the hearts and minds of shoppers," said Chris Todd, Theatro's CEO, in a statement. "Adding assisted selling as part of the Theatro platform will help ensure brick-and-mortar retailers can thrive in the age of Amazon."

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