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Veritone Adds Microsoft Azure Media Indexer to Its CMP Voice and Video Platform

Veritone has integrated Microsoft's Azure Media Indexer, its advanced transcription engine, into its Cognitive Media Platform to provide real-time intelligence from audio and video content,
Posted Nov 19, 2015
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Veritone has integrated Microsoft Azure Media Services Indexer (Indexer), an advanced natural language processing (NLP) engine, into its Cognitive Media Platform (CMP). This collaboration will provide speech recognition to Veritone's CMP customers, while equipping Microsoft with a broader distribution for its Microsoft Azure Media Services. Veritone adds Indexer to its growing set of cognitive engines that include NLP, facial recognition, sentiment extraction, tonal analysis, fingerprinting, and more.

Veritone's CMP currently processes millions of hours of audio and video content using Microsoft Azure. By integrating within the CMP, Indexer expands its reach into a vast ecosystem of media to process. This integration has lead to increases in the accuracy of returned results by more than 20 percent.

"The dawn of the cognitive cloud is upon us, shining new light on the media we consume and unlocking value through a class of digital senses. For years, Microsoft has been a major player in the advancement of natural language processing. We couldn't be more thrilled to have this titan of technology and NLP innovator join our Cognitive Media Platform. The CMP and the digital senses powering it are not limited by the capacity of a single mind, but rather are growing at an exponential rate that will transcend our own understanding," Chad Steelberg, CEO of Veritone, said in a statement.

"Microsoft continues to add new services to Media Services to meet the demand of customers large and small. Through our work with Veritone's Cognitive Media Platform, we are building transformative cognitive computing applications that can easily be used by a wide customer base," said Sudheer Sirivara, partner director, Azure Media and Azure CDN Services at Microsoft, in a statement.

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