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VoiceVault Launches Identity Manager

VoiceVault Identity Manager is a biometric solution for password resets.
Posted Oct 27, 2015
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VoiceVault today released its VoiceVault Identity Manager (vIM), a voice biometric identity management solution for credentials and password reset requests.

By using a simple code and only five seconds of speech for authentication, organizations can automate system password resets and account unlocking for as low as $1 per user, per year while providing enhanced security and a streamlined user experience.

vIM can be accessed through a simple Andorid or iOS mobile app or by calling a dedicated phone number. Connectors are available for Active Directory (ADS), Unix/Linux (SSH), LDAP, Office 365, Web Servers/Sites, SQL databases and more. Encryption is used end-to-end and connectors can be installed behind company firewalls. The product also offers protection against record and playback attacks.

vIM is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and allows for cross-platform use with both interactive voice response systems and mobile applications.

"Organizations are eager to utilize their help desk teams for more pressing support issues and deliver secure convenience for their customers," said Julia Webb, vice president of sales and marketing at VoiceVault, in a statement, "and customers alike are ready to simplify their online identity. VoiceVault's voice biometric identity management mobile app, VoiceVault Identity Manager, is responding to this need."

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