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Voysis Announces Embedded WaveNet for Mobile Devices and IoT

ViEW, Voysis Embedded WaveNet removes the need for the data center entirely.
Posted Oct 2, 2018
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Voysis, a Voice AI platform company, announced that it has developed ViEW - Voysis Embedded WaveNet. ViEW represents the next evolution of DeepMind's WaveNet technology making it available for use on any mobile device without needing cloud connectivity.

Designed to process the raw audio signal directly, thus allowing the neural network to learn without the constraints of traditional signal processing, WaveNet technology says it significantly outperforms all existing techniques in speech synthesis, sounding almost indistinguishable from human speech.

ViEW addresses the primary concern of many companies shipping voice-powered interfaces-- rapidly increasing consumer usage is resulting in a dramatic increase in data center requirements. ViEW models are designed to be small and fast, where it’s possible to run them natively on-device; removing the need for the data center entirely.

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