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Waves Introduces MaxxSpeech Technology

Solution enhances the performance of speech recognition engines.
Posted Jun 21, 2013
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The consumer electronics division of Waves, an audio digital signal processing provider, has unveiled MaxxSpeech technology, which can provide automatic speech recognition (ASR) on laptops and desktop computers.

MaxxSpeech is powered by the following three primary technologies:

  • MaxxEC Stereo Echo Canceller, which filters out sounds transmitted from the computer's speakers.With MaxxEC Stereo, users can listen to music, watch movies, and play games while communicating with their devices and running commands in real time via automatic speech recognition.
  • DeBabble Diffused Noise Attenuation, which leverages Waves' noise reduction and source localization technologies so the ASR engine can perform effectively in environments with large amounts of diffused noise.
  • MaxxBeam Microphone-Array Noise Suppression, which uses two microphones to create a virtual beam, and then differentiates between signals inside the beam and signals outside of it, suppressing stationary and non-stationary noise from outside the beam, to deliver an optimized input signal to the ASR engine.

"ASR is becoming an important part of how we interact with our devices," said Tomer Elbaz, executive vice president of Waves Consumer Division, in a statement. "MaxxSpeech enhances ASR performance and helps to overcome significant challenges in the way of future consumer devices and their designs. Research and development were conducted using real-life scenarios in real-life environments to understand and ultimately serve end-user needs. This is an important development for Waves and for the consumer electronics market."

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