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Winscribe Partners with Keystrokes Transcription Service

The partnership is expected to yield fully integrated documentation and transcription solutions.
Posted Nov 30, 2015
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Keystrokes Transcription Service and Winscribe, providers of dictation and speech-enabled documentation software, are partnering to bring together their transcription services, clinical documentation tools, and enterprise project management and training.

Through the partnership, Winscribe customers can subscribe to outsourced transcription services and speech recognition project management and training services provided through Keystrokes' medical language specialists. Winscribe clients will also be able to purchase document template services for use with their Winscribe clinical documentation management systems. Produced by Keystrokes, the document template services enable clinics and hospitals to prepare standardized clinical documents based on medical specialty and patient encounter types.

Keystrokes' sister company, ChartNet Technologies, which provides transcription and dictation solutions, will also benefit from the partnership. ChartNet's ASP dictation platform will integrate with Winscribe Speech Recognition's front-end voice-to-text platform, giving clients more options and flexibility for data capture and documentation.

"Winscribe is excited and proud to be partnering with Keystrokes, a proven leader in the medical transcription space. We are committed to developing solutions and partnerships that support our clients to work smarter and more efficiently in today's EHR environment," said Florian Stroehle, Winscribe's director of global sales, in a statement. "The partnership enables us to offer new services that further enhance our portfolio and that assist our clients."

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