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Xura Adds a Financial Services Suite to Its Enterprise Platform

Click-to-video, voice, and instant chat are some of the features added to the Enterprise Suite for financial services.
Posted Oct 27, 2015
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Xura, a provider of digital business communications services, has launched a suite of financial services solutions that enables intelligent, secure and personalized two-way dialogue across any device, Web site, and app.

Xura's global SMS network, for example, provides seamless, security-optimized routing for simple authentication transactions, to instant delivery of time-sensitive information.

In addition, the forge SDK by Xura, which is based on WebRTC technology, enables real-time, next generation customer interactions, including VoIP calling, video chat, instant messaging, encrypted file- and screen-sharing, presence and recording, all at the touch of a button.

With user context at the core of the offering, when a customer clicks to communicate with their bank via an app or Web site, the call can be routed to personnel in the branch who might know the customer or diverted to a bank's agent in a call center. When a session comes through, the customer is already authenticated and the agent can access the customer's transaction history and pull relevant contextual information from the user's mobile app or Web screen.

"Xura has a deep and extensive history in enabling secure and scalable communications services, such as SMS, MMS, voicemail and IP messaging, to mobile operators globally. Our digital communications product portfolio, innovation, expertise and operational excellence, which has been built over the last 20 years, perfectly complements the financial services sector as it moves to real-time, contextual omnichannel services," said Eric Bilange, an executive vice president at Xura, in a statement. "With Xura, retail banks and financial services companies can easily add rich communication features into apps and Web sites with the added element of the human dimension, providing immediate, authenticated interaction with appropriate bank personnel without having to visit a branch."

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