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iFLYTEK Speech Recognition Now Available for CEVA Audio/Voice DSPs

The tightly integrated solution targets voice-enabled consumer electronic devices and IoT.
Posted Jul 7, 2017
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CEVA, a provider of signal processing for connected devices, has added iFLYTEK's speech-recognition software suite to its audio/voice processors, allowing for the creation of ultra-low power voice processors targeting high-volume consumer electronics.

CEVA and iFLYTEK worked together to optimize iFLYTEK's neural network-based speech recognition, noise reduction, and echo-cancellation algorithms for CEVA's advanced audio/voice DSPs. The result is an on-device voice processing solution that can enable multiple voice activations without requiring cloud access.

"The combination of iFLYTEK's software and our audio/voice DSP offers a powerful solution for embedding intelligent voice applications into mass-market consumer electronic devices. We look forward to expanding our relationship as the demand for on-device speech processing continues to grow rapidly," said Ran Soffer, vice president of marketing and corporate development at CEVA, in a statement.

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