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3 Ways AI is Making Your Office a Better Place to Work

Many workers are worried about losing their jobs to AI, but others are grateful for the many ways new, AI-based technologies are making their offices a better place to work.
By Theresa Cramer - Posted Jul 25, 2018
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The workplace is changing. And if you were to believe the pitches that land in my inbox, Millennials are the driving force behind all of it. But chances are if you’re worried about disruption in your place of work, it’s a machine you are afraid of. Yes, there are a lot of people out there who worry that they could lose their job to a very smart machine. But AI and machine learning technologies are also improving the workplace—or at least they have the potential to do so. Here are a few uses, and potential uses, of AI in the workplace that caught our attention. 

A Chabot that Monitors Burnout

There’s nothing the NR department hates more than losing great employees to burnout. But how do you make sure your employees are happy at work and fulfilled in their jobs? Well, according to the Future of HR Summit, chatbots might be the answer. Think about it. If a speech analytics can help diagnose illnesses, then they can also tell you if your employees are feeling overly burdened in the office. 

Making Hiring Easier

Hiring managers know that it isn’t easy wading through the deluge of resumes they receive for every job opening. It’s easy to miss good candidates, but it’s even harder to respond to everyone and let them know where their applications stand. According to EBN, “Using artificial intelligence, like chatbots, for example, can take away the strain of managing and communicating with a large number of applicants.”  

Improving Your Telecoms System

In recent years traditional landline phone systems have been changing to VOIP systems, but now, even those systems are being transformed by AI. According to TechRepublic, platforms like RingCentral offer “over 100 integrations, including one for Alexa that lets employees check their voicemail, and a Gong.io option that listens to call recordings to find traits of successful employees than can be used in training. An add-on for Gmail lets users switch from emailing back and forth to a voice session without needing to look up contact information.”

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