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AVIOS Opens New Tech Forum on Voice Biometrics

New forum will work to construct a new infrastructure for designing, developing, and deploying voice security applications.
Posted Feb 1, 2011
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The Applied Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS) today announced the formation of the Voice Biometrics Technology Forum.

The Voice Biometrics Tech Forum is designed to construct a coherent infrastructure for designing, developing, and deploying effective voice security applications and services. It will accomplish this goal by advancing developers ability to incorporate technical, social, and legal into their voice biometrics solutions.

“There is no single source for guiding developers through the maze of technical options let alone abide by legislative, regulatory, social, and cultural issues that affect the viability and success of VB deployments,” explains Judith Markowitz, chair of the new Voice Biometrics Tech Forum. “This forum is designed to build such a resource for developers within AVIOS.”

The work of the Voice Biometrics Tech Forum will include communication about and understanding of the following:

  • state-of-the art of voice biometrics technology for telephony and non-telephony  environments;
  • best practices for developing a business case, development team, and solution;
  • security and privacy regulations and legislation that affect deployments;
  • performance in adverse conditions (e.g., mobile environments);
  • social, cultural, and ethical considerations;
  • testing and evaluation of designs and deployments; and
  • standards, such as Extensible MultiModal Annotation (EMMA), Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) V2, VoiceXML 3.X, INCITS 456, and ISO 19092

All developers, managers, security specialists, and others interested in voice biometrics solutions are invited to participate in this forum. To participate, contact Markowitz at judith@jmarkowitz.com.

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