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Aaron Fisher
Director, Professional Services
West Corporation

Aaron is an IT Manager at West, and is a senior member of the West Professional Services and Speech team. His key responsibilities are in the area of speech recognition dialog and grammar design, and application tuning/performance improvement. His vertical market emphases are health care, financial services and cable/satellite/telecom. Since the inception of the West advanced speech recognition platform, Aaron has overseen the deployment of over 90 speech applications and has designed many of the toolsets for tuning and monitoring speech applications that West uses. Aaron also has 12 years of call center experience and has been involved in virtually every aspect of call center management. Aaron holds a B.S. in finance from Northwest Missouri State University.

Articles By Aaron Fisher

Technologies Won’t Obsolete The Human Voice

Speech will evolve and find its place in social media, mobile devices, and video
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Unify Communications Across Channels

Semantic parsing can mine a treasure trove of data
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Segmenting Demographics

Speech can't be your only means of talking to customers.
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Speech Needs to Get Personal

Caller data is needed to make personalization perfect.
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Navigating TTS's Pitfalls

Data difficulties don't have to destroy TTS output.
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Let's Verify Our Terms Correctly

In voice biometrics, the key phrases aren't interchangeable.
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A Natural Part of Natural Language

Issues will arise with any project, but managing them is key.
Posted 06 Feb 2009 - January/February 2009 - by Aaron Fisher

Shopping for a Speech Solution Partner?

Questions to ask a potential vendor prior to deciding on a solution.
Posted 22 Aug 2008 - September 2008 - by Aaron Fisher

Tuning Is a Multitiered Process

Best practices to consider when tuning an application.
Posted 01 May 2008 - May 2008 - by Aaron Fisher

Best Practices to Help NL Evolve

Getting it right will make a good impression on callers.
Posted 25 Jan 2008 - January/February 2008 - by Aaron Fisher