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Matt Yuschik

Matt Yuschik is a Human Factors Specialist at Convergys Labs in Cincinnati, OH. He is currently investigating MultiModal User Interfaces (MMUIs) which combine speech, graphics and the keyboard at the user's desktop, and addressing key issues of modal integration and user modality preferences. Yuschik previously worked at Comverse Network Services to design, develop and perform Usability Tests on Voice Controlled Voice Mail, a first in-the-world network-based service that is deployed in the US and numerous European countries and languages. His Dialog Model for this VUI has received 2 patents. Matt also was a lead UI designer at Ameritech Services where he help developed a first-in-the-network TTS service for Reverse Directory Assistance. He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering with strengths in DSP and Natural Language Processing, and has been on the AVIOS Board of Directors for 8 years.

Articles By Matt Yuschik

Banking on Multimodality

For financial transactions, gains are seen but challenges remain.
Posted 10 Nov 2012 - November/December 2012 - by Matt Yuschik

A View from the Voice Search Conference

Opportunities abounded to try something new.
Posted 01 Jun 2009 - June 2009 - by Matt Yuschik

A Look at AVIOS' Speech and Multimodality Contest

Students introduce voice to apps covering everything from airplanes to arithmetic
Posted 01 Jun 2008 - June 2008 - by Matt Yuschik , Patti Price , Bill Scholz

Moving from the Art to the Science of Voice User Interfaces (VUIs)

Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) are moving from an art form to an applied science. Many ASR vendors include toolkits with modules for common interactions (like, entering a telephone number). While there are still uncertain areas in the voice transaction between a person and a computer, the understanding of requirements for successful, basic interactions is ever growing.
Posted 30 Jun 2003 - July/August 2003 - by Matt Yuschik