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Tom Houwing
voiceandvision B.V.
+ 31 (0) 43 326 08 27

Born in The Hague, The Netherlands, Tom Houwing studied classical music at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. In 1999, after 15 years within the music industry and education, he switched career to speech technology, leveraging his past experience within the IT industry starting as Voice User Interface Architect at Speechtel Benelux B.V.

In January 2002 he joined VoiceObjects AG. Besides positioning VUI design as an essential component within the voice business, he built up their VUI Group. In his role as Principal VUI, he was overall responsible for the quality and creative direction of VUI design.

Since October 2005 Houwing directs his own business, voiceandvision.

Articles By Tom Houwing

This Is Your Wake-Up Call

For speech to move into the mainstream, VUI designers need to jump in early.
Posted 01 Nov 2007 - November/December 2007 - by Tom Houwing

Multi-Persona VUI Design

In the world of voice recognition-based applications, we encounter systems that use a clear, pre-defined single-persona concept to represent the Voice User Interface (VUI). The idea behind this approach is to provide callers with a consistent style of prompting and an overall Hear & Feel that ensures user-friendliness over a period of time. Callers would more easily learn how to get along with the voice application, turning from novice- into power-users, without unnecessarily being distracted…
Posted 20 Jun 2005 - July/August 2005 - by Tom Houwing