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Digital Base Productions
2715 81ST
Lubbock TX 79423

PH: 800-776-1446
FAX: 806-745-7424
Contact: sales@digitalbase.com
Visit their Web site: www.digitalbase.com
I would like the chance to learn more about upcoming programs your organization may have and to discuss how Digital Base Productions can help to support them.  As a voice over studio, Digital Base Productions offers multiple language voices for IVR prompts, PBX, Contact Center messages, ACD announcements, Queue messaging and whispers - complete with translations.  At Digital Base Productions we can also design  your website, produce a video and provide any marketing that you may need for your company or clients.
You may ask what keeps customers coming back for repeat business?  It's the turn times, flexibility and pricing that we provide, working when you need us.  On time, on budget, and with a sense of urgency, Digital Base Productions will work one on one with you creating your customized persona, scripting and proper format ensuring your projects are delivered correctly and on time the first time.

Kevin Bryan
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Digital Base Productions
800 776-1446
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