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NICE Nexidia
3565 Piedmont Road NE
Building Two, Suite 400
Atlanta GA 30305

PH: 866-355-1241
Visit their Web site: www.nice.com/analytics

Nexidia Customer Engagement Analytics leads the market in omnichannel interaction and journey analytics with 15+ years of experience assisting businesses of all sizes. NICE Nexidia provides secure managed cloud services as part of a full analytics and quality program that ingests big data from all interaction channels (voice, text, chat, SMS, e-mail, surveys, social media, and more) and makes 100% of the data available for fast and accurate analysis, quality monitoring, workflow management and downstream reporting. 

Built on a solid foundation of technology and architecture developed by in-house research and development teams, Nexidia taps into the treasure trove of customer data with unmatched speed.  Insights gained from Nexidia Analytics helps businesses increase sales revenue, improve customer retention, save costs, maintain compliance, improve agent performance, and ultimately deliver a best in class customer experience. 

Additional offerings include Predictive Behavioral Routing and IVR Optimization, to augment the ROI gained from Nexidia Analytics.

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