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Speech Technology Industry Buyers Guide
Category Definitions
Solutions for analyzing speech to extract useful information about the content or the speakers.
Telephony applications that work in conjunction with a live operator to incorporate functions such as call answering, call transferring, unified messaging, voicemail, and information on demand.
Companies that provide speech-enabled solutions to the carrier and service provider industry.
Solutions that integrate telephony and computing to provide a platform for applications that streamline or enhance business processes.
Companies that develop speech solutions that are small enough to be integrated into other devices.
Service providers that allow businesses to invest in advanced customer interaction technologies without capital investment or the risks associated with implementation.
Speech technology solutions used in mobile devices such as wireless phones and multimodal devices.
Third-party providers of speech-related services and solutions.
Pre-built, generic solutions for specific applications (e.g., auto attendant).
Hardware and software architecture for speech-enabled solutions, which can have additional software written and customized by an outside vendor.
Companies that offer technical and operational expertise in this industry. These companies can be vendor-neutral or tied to a specific vendor.
Companies that provide subscribers and the associated service-specific operations the complete life cycle of a voice application including design, development, deployment, means for analysis, monitoring and maintenance capabilities.
Solutions using an automatic process that analyzes human voice characteristics to identify a speaker (or caller).
Solutions that enable machines to understand and act on human speech inputs.
Consulting firms and vendor-based departments that work with clients to make sure that all the speech solutions and other systems work together seamlessly.
The process of converting spoken words into written format for processes such as transcription and voicemail-to-email.
Solutions that serve as one of the last critical phases before implementation to ensure customer efficiency and satisfaction and to confirm an application works within the given infrastructure.
Technology solutions with the capabilities to interpret electronic text and generate audible speech from the text.
The process of changing written or spoken words into another language through automated or human-based products and services.
Voice talent and recording services for IVR, voicemail, ACD, PBX and speech recognition applications.