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VoiceVibes, Inc
7224 Shub Farm Road
Marriottsville MD 21104

Visit their Web site: www.myvoicevibes.com

Transform your solution with the addition of unique, vocal spoken pattern analytics with the VoiceVibes API.  From video-conferencing vendors to call center solution providers, integration of VoiceVibes technology offers the opportunity to strategically innovate and reinvent current offerings by adding another set of key analytics.

VoiceVibes algorithms rate speakers on pace, pausing, key words and pitch patterns as well as 20 categories we call “Vibes”.  Vibe categories define and distinguish the emotional levels of speakers such as captivating, boring, confident, personable, detached and condescending. 

While many enterprise solutions can benefit by the addition of the VoiceVibes audio analytics, the following represent software categories that are ripe for further disruption in their industry:

  • Applicant tracking systems
  • Recruiting and interviewing software
  • Video platforms
  • Call conferencing or hangout solutions
  • Call center recording software
  • Coaching and goal management solutions
  • Teaching, learning and training systems

Visit us at www.myvoicevibes.com to schedule a demo today!

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