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Nexidia Introduces Real-Time Monitoring Solution for Collection Industry
Nexidia Live Collection Assistant works in conjunction with Nexidia Scan to trigger alerts and deliver information to contact center agents during calls.
Atlanta, GA (2/4/2013) -

Nexidia, a provider of customer interaction analytics solutions for business transformation, today released Nexidia Live Collection Assistant, a solution that works in conjunction with Nexidia Scan to trigger alerts and facilitate knowledge delivery to both contact center representatives and supervisors during live calls. These solutions are part of the flagship product, Nexidia Interaction Analytics, which enables collections companies to conduct extensive post-call analysis. In addition, the use of Nexidia helps to ensure compliance with new federal regulations in 2013, under which collection companies face steep fines from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for non-compliance.

Nexidia Live Collection Assistant, the real-time monitoring and alerting solution designed specifically for the collections industry, drives unique actions to both representative and supervisor desktops based on live call activities. For compliance-based issues, when the system detects that a required word or phrase has not been said, a reminder alert is sent to the collector desktop. Further configuration can be put in place to send additional alerts to both representatives and supervisors if the word or phrase is still not detected within an allotted time frame so that live intervention can take place if needed. The solution also aids in improving collector performance and customer service by sending the collector best practices and call handling procedures when the presence of key words or phrases is detected. By sending both information and alerts during the interaction, it ensures that compliance regulations are satisfied and improves the quality of the collection effort. 

Nexidia Live Collection Assistant is powered by Nexidia Scan, which taps into the network switching environment to scan hundreds of concurrent streams per server and applies Nexidia’s patented Phonetic Search Engine to identify target phrases. This allows users to create phrases for which they wish to monitor the presence or absence of during live calls. Additionally, time-based operators can be set to ensure that compliance-based requirements, such as the mini Miranda rights, are verbalized near the onset of the call or that certain phrases are said before or after others. This functionality enables organizations to incorporate what has traditionally been back-end analysis of recorded calls directly into the live call stream for real-time monitoring interactions. 

Nexidia Interaction Analytics enables enterprises to capture, synthesize, and disperse the business intelligence locked inside their multichannel interactions to get the right information to the right people, at the right time. This enterprise-wide visibility enables management to identify key problem areas and benchmark against best practices, resulting in higher agent performance and reduced operating expenses. The company currently provides solutions toU.S. government regulators and well-known collections industry clients, including 1st Credit, CBV Collection Services, and Cabot Credit.

"In today’s collections environment, even the smallest misstep can carry a harsh penalty," commented John Willcutts, president and CEO of Nexidia. "Alerting collection agencies to compliance issues in real-time ensures they will be able to take corrective action immediately, before an incident can occur that will result in a fine. Additionally, the capability to send representatives best practices as they speak to consumers serves to increase collection efforts while maintaining high service levels."  

About Nexidia
Nexidia provides customer interaction analytics solutions with patented technologies and breakthrough applications that enable companies to drive business transformation by capturing, making sense of, and using the full range of communications they have with customers. As the traditional voice of the customer expands from the contact center to include surveys, email, chats, and even social media sites, Nexidia provides software and service expertise to help companies synthesize this data into both a tactical tool for operational improvements and a catalyst for strategic business transformation. For more information, please visit

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