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Omilia - Conversational Intelligence
51 Melcher Street 1st Floor, Boston, MA 02210
Boston MA 02210

PH: +1 (617) 752 3717
Contact: hello@omilia.com
Visit their Web site: www.omilia.com
  • Omilia Omni Channel Conversational Platform
    The DiaManT® platform provides the infrastructure and core capabilities to power an omni-channel conversational experience.
  • Omilia DNN Speech Recognition
    The deepASR® Automatic Speech Recognition engine leverages the most advanced forms of Deep Learning, achieving unprecedented accuracy in recognition that routinely reaches human-level performance.
  • Omilia Voice Biometrics
    deepVB® allows customer authentication via their unique biometric voice-print, in the background as they speak freely with the Virtual Agent.
  • Omilia Developer Tools
    With deepNLUStudio® you can easily create, manage and edit conversational scenarios in minutes and build brand unique advanced dialogs to manage the conversational flow with your customers.
  • Omilia Case Studies
    Live in one of the largest financial institutions in North America with world class rates in Semantic Accuracy, Speech Recognition Accuracy and Task Completion Rates.

Omilia’s Omni-channel Virtual Assistant platform provides a seamless human-like end-to-end conversational experience for self-service across all channels. By leveraging the Omilia technology stack large enterprises can transform their Call Centers into a next-generation digital experience, say goodbye to complex IVR menu trees and poor customer service, and deploy chatbots on any digital channel — all from the same infrastructure and application!

In the past 3 years, Omilia has made huge waves in the enterprise customer care and self-service markets. Most notably, one of Omilia's deployments at the 6th largest bank in North America boasts an unprecedented 96% Semantic Accuracy and 86% Task Completion rates, with a world-record 4.26% Word Error Rate. Omilia's technology has helped many enterprises achieve a double-digit increase in self-service containment, while dramatically improving customer satisfaction.

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