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Convergys: Cross-Channel Orchestration Without Tears
Cross-Channel Orchestration Without Tears
Facilitate customer journeys with contextually relevant interactions across all communication channels.

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Communicating with companies should be simple, right? Your customers think so, too. Don’t make them jump through unnecessary hoops when they interact with your organization. Let them start their customer journey on one channel (such as chat, email, or a supercharged mobile app that interfaces with your IVR) and seamlessly continue it on others, if that’s what they want. And when they channel hop, enable them to receive contextually relevant information every time. Doing this will not only improve customer engagements, it will also reduce your costs to serve. So everyone wins.

Join Convergys on this interactive Webinar and learn how to:
  • Use cross-channel orchestration to increase CSAT, loyalty, and revenue.
  • Enable mobile users to access your IVR in visual mode.
  • Carry the context of your customer‘s interaction journey across channels.
  • Meet the needs of multi-generational customers.
  • Use sophisticated analytics to understand and anticipate customer needs.
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