IVR to Help Job Seekers

Cytiva Software has just released SonicIVR, a new module that combines interactive voice recognition (IVR) capabilities with its mid-market recruiting software solution.

Now SonicRecruit clients can use advanced voice recognition technology to accept employment applications and screen applicants over the phone. Further, this new IVR module allows clients to automatically contact prospective candidates with potential jobs and collect responses over the phone.

The system can be programmed with a single company phone number, and then refer applicants to specific subdirectories for each job within that company. Within each subdirectory, a specific set of questions can be geared toward a particular job. All candidate data is automatically imported into SonicRecruit, where potential employers can begin the vetting process with the advanced search, ranking and hiring process automation features.

Though the system can be employed for any job posting, it is especially suited for retail, hospitality, and manufacturing companies with large hourly workforces. These companies typically have a lot of positions to fill quickly and receive a lot of applications, says Ian Alexander, vice president of marketing and public relations at Cytiva Software.

The system can help these kinds of high-turnover organizations capture larger numbers of candidates quickly. "The more quickly you can get people to apply for a job, the more likely they are to do so," Alexander says.

Sonic IVR also is a great tool for candidates who may not have a computer, prohibiting them from online applications, or for those who prefer the immediacy of phoning in an application, he continues.

The system uses a combination of in-house and third-party software. It is available immediately as an add-on module to SonicEntrée, SonicRecruit's hourly recruiting software solution. Interested parties can complete a mock application using SonicIVR by calling 1-800-941-7908.


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