Metaswitch Enhances Unified Messaging Portfolio with Voicemail-to-Text

Metaswitch Networks has begun offering voicemail-to-text conversion, provided by Nuance Communications, as part of its highly scalable, unified messaging product portfolio. 

Metaswitch’s flagship CommPortal platform already delivers a multiscreen experience where users can visually manage their calls and voicemail messages through mobile devices, PCs, Web pages, IP-enabled business phones, Web widgets, and TV set-top boxes. Users will now be able to receive wireless and wireline network voicemail messages as text or email directly to a their screen of choice. Users can also save and search the content.

“There are multiple scenarios within [unified communications] that could require voicemail-to-text conversion,” says John Pollard, vice president of voice-to-text services at Nuance. “This is a multimodal means of getting messages to people, and we plan to be the provider for that.”

The solution is available to Metaswitch’s carrier and enterprise customers through an application programming interface that they just need to plug into their existing Metaswitch software. “It’s very easy for Metaswitch and [its] customers to turn on. It’s like flipping a switch and they’re ready to go,” Pollard adds. “Nuance has a robust API that allows companies like Metaswitch to integrate right with us.”

Pollard calls Metaswitch  “the perfect partner, as their network solutions reach a broad range of customers worldwide and provide an ideal platform to demonstrate the power and inherent business value of voicemail-to-text.”

Nuance has been building a speech-to-text/voicemail-to-text platform for some time, and in late December acquired SpinVox, a company that specialized in that service. Metaswitch is just the latest of many firms to incorporate the technology solution into its own product offerings.

“Metaswitch is committed to delivering innovative voicemail solutions that meet today’s customers’ needs with technology that can scale quickly and easily. Integration of a carrier-grade voicemail-to-text solution allows us to meet both of those objectives, while delivering transcriptions of the highest possible accuracy,” said Andy Randall, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Metaswitch, in a statement.

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