Oracle Expands VoIP to its Outside Workforce

Software giant Oracle will provide its global outside workforce with Voyager 510-USB Bluetooth headset systems from Plantronics to optimize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications and provide hands-free efficiency.

Using these headsets, linked wirelessly to their VoIP-enabled laptops and mobile phones, Oracle employees will now have a single wireless headset to use across multiple applications. They will be able to use voice commands to access the Internet and log onto the company's internal network to check their emails, calendars, address books, instant messages, voicemails, faxes, and Web conferences. They will also be able to conduct hands-free calls from up to 33 feet away from their laptops or mobile phones.

The system is supported by Plantronics' PerSonoCall software, which provides remote ring detection and enables users to wirelessly answer and end PC telephony calls away from their working area. It includes a noise-canceling microphone and wind-reduction technology for use indoors and outdoors, plug-and-play USB adapter, one-touch call management, and Plantronics' proprietary multipoint technology that allows users to switch seamlessly between multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as VoIP softphones and mobile phones, with the touch of a button.

Oracle's in-office employees are already using the Plantronics CS50-USB for VoIP calls within the office. With the CS50-USB, users can have conversations and answer and end calls up to 200 feet away from their PC.

"Ergonomics and hands-free benefits were key factors in selecting the Voyager 510-USB," Maria Maskiewicz, director of global corporate procurement and IT vendor management at Oracle, said in a statement. "The headset is extremely comfortable and will help reduce neck and back pain typically associated with prolonged handset usage. Additionally, the headset is very discreet, which will encourage employees to wear it frequently."

The Plantronics deal is part of a move by Oracle to deploy VoIP technology across its worldwide operations, which include offices in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and Australia, for improved efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and faster communications.

"Now, employees have a single wireless headset for all of their voice and data communications," Mark Sunday, senior vice president and chief information officer at Oracle, stated in release.

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