Rush Limbaugh Club Uses Vontoo Voice Messaging

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. -- When organizers of the Rush Limbaugh Club of Orange County, Calif. want to gather their fellow members, they turn to Vontoo voice messaging.

Vontoo’s permission-based, on-demand voice messaging system allows the club to deliver a pre-recorded phone message to a list of both land-line and Internet-based numbers. The list is provided by the organization using Vontoo's services. Each month, club president Nancy Padberg updates the membership list and records a simple message that details the club's meeting topic, location, and other details. Once Padberg schedules the recorded message for delivery, it is sent automatically to the home, business or mobile phones of members.

"We've been using Vontoo's automated message service for about 11 months and I think it's been a very positive experience," shares Padberg. "It's also extremely economical."

Prior to using Vontoo, the club had sent out multiple reminders via mail at a postage rate far higher than Vontoo's per-call expense.
Padberg also believes that the personal connection the messages create result in a membership that is more engaged in each event. "Unlike other reminders, people actually hear a voice they recognize and are likely to respond to," she explains. "I can also draw better attention to specific details for the meeting. We usually receive several new registrations after sending out each message."

After each voice broadcast, Vontoo generates a report that tells Padberg which individuals not only opt out, but also which calls were listened to by a live person versus received by a voicemail system or answering machine.

"While our club continues to grow and we've had very few opt-outs, it's important to know who is most engaged in our activities," Padberg emphasizes. "The reports I receive make this much easier to determine."

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