SpeechCycle Launches Rich Phone Application Platform

SpeechCycle has announced the general market availability of RPA Express, its next-generation platform built from the ground up for creating and powering rich phone applications (RPAs) in the contact center and beyond.

RPAs are high performance, multichannel applications that enable fast, intuitive, and personalized self-service, and orchestrate voice and visual interactions with enterprise systems, such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, billing, and workflow management to extend mission-critical business processes.

RPA Express is a unified platform designed for the composition, enterprise integration, customer interaction management, and performance measurement of RPAs. The platform provides maximum flexibly with three deployment models – software-as-a-service (SaaS), managed on-premises, and in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

 RPA Express works with all major IVR offerings, voice hosting platforms, and speech recognition engines.

“Today’s self-service solutions must be seamlessly integrated with key enterprise systems to provide a personalized and optimal customer experience on multiple customer interaction channels,” said Zor Gorelov, CEO of SpeechCycle. “RPA Express is designed to enable and simplify speech and multi-channel application development and empower our partners and enterprise developers to create truly innovative solutions.”

RPA Express is based on an easy-to-use speech application composition paradigm and includes a set of pre-tested, customizable dialogue components, called interaction providers, to automate common business functions with built-in best practices for voice interaction design. Sample applications and templates included with RPA Express make it possible to rapidly create and deploy highly sophisticated RPAs by contact center integrators and enterprise developers without requiring specialized speech or VoiceXML expertise.

The RPA Express unified platform covers the full lifecycle of customer self-service application development. RPA Express powers rich phone applications that enable all must-have services for the composition, orchestration, delivery, and performance measurement of RPAs in the contact center.  The five high-level platform components of RPA Express include:<

  • RPA Transact — Scalable speech and multi-modal application server that powers RPAs and manages customer interactions, including multimodal experiences on the new generation of 3G smart phones.
  • RPA Orchestrate — Connectivity framework for dynamic mashup and integration of enterprise apps, Web services, and content feeds into game-changing caller experiences.
  • RPA Dashboard — Web-based reporting environment that drives continuous application improvement and “voice of the caller” analytics for line-of-business and IT managers.
  • RPA Compose — WYSIWYG authoring environment for self-learning VUI composition of RPAs.
  • RPA Interaction Providers — A library of pre-tested, customizable and extended dialogue components to automate most business transactions.

"We are eager to leverage the capabilities of SpeechCycle’s RPA Express platform to build rich phone applications for our clients," said Simon Cranswick, general manager for customer interactive solutions at Dimension Data-South Africa’s Western Cape Region, a specialist IT services and solution provider that helps clients plan, build, support, and manage their IT infrastructures.  With RPA Express, we can deliver innovative voice self-service solutions that help our clients resolve their own customer service requests while still ensuring a high-quality and engaging experience. We are confident that by combining the RPA Express advanced technology with our strong focus in helping businesses create a fully integrated and personalized end-to-end caller experience, we can further improve our ability to provide easy-to-use, consumer-focused solutions with a fast time-to-market that have the additional bonus of assisting organizations in driving down the overall cost of service.”

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