SpinVox Logs a Cross-Country Run

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When world-class athlete Charlie Engle, 44, set out September 13 on a journey to break the record for the fastest run from San Francisco to New York (a total of 3,106 miles that he hopes to complete in 45 days, averaging about 70 miles a day), he chose SpinVox to take along the way to tell his story to the world.

Using SpinVox’s voice-to-text conversion, Engle plans to update his blogs, Twitter status, and social networks 'on the run' just by speaking into his mobile phone. These outlets will include http://www.runningamerica08.com/, www.inspiringsoles.com/charlies_blog, and several others. Through these outlets, supporters can track his progress, send him words of encouragement via voice messages that are converted to text and sent to him via SMS, and blog with him live.

Now in his fourth day, he is due to end in Reno, Nev., tonight. He has already filed several blog posts, and will keep updating along the way.

"SpinVox is perfect for when I want to share a thought or experience while it's happening without having to jeopardize my momentum," Engle said in a statement prior to starting his cross-country run. "With SpinVox, I have the freedom to 'tell it as it is' and be in tune with my fans, simply by using the power of my own voice

"I really need SpinVox to share my story with the world in the moment as it unfolds," said Engle, whose 4,500-mile, 111-day run across the Sahara Desert last year is the subject of the upcoming documentary "Running the Sahara" due to hit theaters this fall. "Since my eyes need to be on the ground in front of me, and I spend most of each and every day running, it's just not safe or practical to do it any other way."

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