VoiceVault Releases the ViGo Development Platform

VoiceVault yesterday introduced ViGo, a platform that will allow developers to build their own mobile voice biometrics applications in just a few hours.

ViGo provides a complete ecosystem for developing and deploying voice biometrics within mobile applications. It includes the basic voice biometrics engine, software development kit, and a library of application programming interfaces.

ViGo is "a new way of approaching mobile voice biometrics," says Nik Stanbridge, vice president of product marketing at VoiceVault.

ViGo is ready out of the box, with nothing to install, configure, optimize, manage, or maintain. The platform works with both Android and iOS mobile environments, and can be used to create phrase- or digit-based voice registration applications.

"It's geared toward anything that requires high-security passwords," Stanbridge says. "The markets that we're targeting with this are very broad. We're not focusing on any one particular market segment. It's good for anyone with a high need for mobile security."

"Because hundreds of millions of people use their smartphones or tablets for both business and personal applications, there is very large demand for strong but simple log-on or activation," said Dan Miller, senior analyst at Opus Research, in a statement. "Voice-based authentication fills that bill, and VoiceVault’s ViGo puts it right on every mobile app developers design palette."

VoiceVault has traditionally gone after clients in the financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications space, so this is a change from its usual marketing strategy, according to Stanbridge.

"We've learned that the use cases are the same no matter where you are," he says. "You want to stop unauthorized people from getting in, but you still want it to be easy to use. And because everything is standardized, this is so much easier to use."

VoiceVault is offering the ViGo platform with a tiered, all-inclusive pricing structure exclusively based on annual user registrations. "ViGo is self-service, and because it is self-service, our costs are lower, and we can pass those savings on to our customers," Stanbridge explains.

With the ViGo release, VoiceVault simultaneously launched a new Web site with additional resources specifically for app developers. "Everything you could need to get going is up there on our Web site," Stanbridge says.

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