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The 2014 Speech Luminaries

Views from SpeechTEK 2011: Smartphones Set to Revolutionize Self-Service

Explosive growth in this market is also seen in developing world. Is owning a mobile device now "a human right"?

Mobile Speech Promises Glittering Prizes But Also Serious Challenges

Keynote panel at SpeechTEK 2011 explores smartphone frontier.

The 2011 Market Leaders

What's In A Name?

Personalization means more than being on a first-name basis with customers

Making Mobile Business-Appropriate

How speech is finding its way onto smartphones and saving you big bucks

A Gray Area

Today's seniors can't be left out of VUI design decisions.

A New Year

As the economy rebounds, voice solutions continue to build use cases.

Vendor Deep Dive: Ribbit

Changing the Game: Ribbit enables quantum leaps in productivity.

Hold the Phone: It’s Google Voice and It’s Free

Google Voice's voicemail-to-text offering may prove a challenge to just about every phone company.