CallMiner Launches VSR Technology

FORT MYERS, Fla. — CallMiner commercially released and deployed its Virtual Server Room (VSR) technology. VSR combined with CallMiner's speech processing and Analytics Suite enables call centers to deploy speech analytics implementations.
With VSR, a company's unused computing resources are used to power CallMiner's speech processing engine. Through the application of a process, VSR employs the unused or idle processing power within a network to process recorded audio for use by CallMiner's analytics.
Comcast Cable, a provider of cable, Internet, IP-enabled phone service, and programming will deploy CallMiner Virtual Server Room software to analyze recorded calls. "We have tested CallMiner's Virtual Server Room technology and are looking forward to a full deployment to extend our existing speech analytics capabilities to all of our recordings" said Joe Elias, call center technology manager, Midwest Division for Comcast. "This important innovation enables Comcast to take advantage of its investment in call recording equipment by giving us the ability to analyze more calls."

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