Speech Modules Presents Speech Recognition Apps for Brazilian Portuguese

Speech Modules has released a version of its free s-peach app in Brazilian Portuguese Apps on Apple's Brazil App Store and the Android Market.

s-peach gives Brazilian mobile users the ability to create SMS/text and email messages, social networking updates (Facebook, Twitter, Orkut), and Google search requests by voice and have them appear as text, all from one application. The transcribed text can also be copied for use in other applications.

s-peach is fully automated and uses no human intervention; results are immediate and privacy is protected.

"Speech Modules' fully automated speech recognition system for Brazilian Portuguese is speaker-independent, supports spontaneous spoken speech, and provides high recognition rates," states Professor of Portuguese Linguistics at University of Sao Paulo Dr. Gabriel Antunes de Araujo. "I have seen the results of other transcription engines in Portuguese, and the s-peach application provides far greater speed and accuracy."

Free s-peach Apps provide 60 seconds of transcription time per message, which can be composed of multiple recording sessions. Features vary according to the operating system. s-peach for Android features are based on applications that support the Android "share" feature. An advertisement-free version with 90 seconds of transcription time per message is also available on the Brazil App Store.

"We are excited to be the first provider of a speech-to-text app in Brazilian Portuguese. s-peach is based on our proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine, which has been designed to recognize all major Brazilian dialects as well as longer complex sentences used in many professional services," states Oved Tzfaniah, CEO and founder of Speech Modules. "Speech Modules' cloud-based ASR engine can support other types of smartphones, feature phones, Web phones, voicemail systems, and many other transcription-based services."

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