Voxeo Introduces VoiceCenter 6

NEW YORK -  Voxeo Corporation, the leading provider of standards-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms and hosting, announced today the sixth generation of its award winning VoiceCenter IVR platform.  


VoiceCenter 6 enables enterprises to reduce costs, increase revenues, and delight callers by automating their existing calls - or by launching entirely new services - with the world's most flexible, reliable, and proven standards-based IVR platform.  


In addition, Voxeo's unrivaled support for industry standards delivers superior Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by working with and leveraging existing IT technology investments and experience.


VoiceCenter 6 delivers over 60 major enhancements and improvements, including:


Flexible Media Server support:  VoiceCenter 6 works with the widest variety of Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) technologies available. Built-in support for the Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) - an industry standard for ASR and TTS integration - lets IVR applications running on the VoiceCenter 6 platform leverage any MRCP-compliant ASR or TTS engine.  


VoiceCenter 6 also includes a high-performance media server with MRCP proxy support.  This server adds MRCP compatibility to previous speech technologies, and adds enhanced scalability, failover, load balancing and other functionality to modern MRCP ASR and TTS engines.


Benefit:  VoiceCenter customers can integrate with speech recognition and synthesis technologies from any MRCP-compliant vendor, in any language.  MRCP ASR and TTS solutions are available today from IBM, Loquendo, LumenVox, Nuance, ScanSoft, Voxeo, and others in over fifty languages.


Proven CCXML 1.0 SIP proxy server: VoiceCenter 6 supports 100% of the CCXML 1.0 Last Call Working Draft standard.  CCXML is a sister standard to VoiceXML, adding robust support for inbound and outbound call control.  VoiceCenter 6 includes Voxeo's time-proven CCXML SIP proxy server, in use at production facilities by Voxeo's customers since 2002.  


Voxeo's SIP proxy server is compatible with nearly all SIP Voice over IP devices, networks, and platforms, including a variety of SIP gateways that support integration with T1, E1, ISDN, PBX, analog, and call center / Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) lines.


Benefit: VoiceCenter customers can quickly create and deploy market-leading call control applications.  Over the last four years, Voxeo's customers have used CCXML to launch over 1200 call control applications including directory integrated conferencing, intelligent routing and queuing, time-critical notifications and emergency services, and call center automation with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).


Certified VoiceXML 2.0 support, plus VoiceXML 2.1: VoiceCenter 6 is one of the few IVR platforms to achieve complete VoiceXML Platform Certification.  This certification required the successful completion of over 600 feature tests in the VoiceXML Forum's VoiceXML 2.0 test suite.  


Unlike less flexible VoiceXML platforms, VoiceCenter 6 also passes 95% of the optional VoiceXML Forum feature tests - significantly more than platforms from companies such as Avaya, Nortel, and VoiceGenie - and supports 100% of the extensions and enhancements found in the VoiceXML 2.1 standard.


Benefit: VoiceCenter customers get the best of both worlds.  Because VoiceCenter 6 is certified to be standards-compliant, they need not worry about the costs and hassles of vendor and platform lock-in.  At the same time, they have access to the cutting-edge features that are required to develop advanced telephony applications.


New CallXML 3.0 support: CallXML addresses the most common telephony application requirements in an easy-to-learn-and-use IVR development language.  


CallXML 3.0 adds effortless speech recognition capabilities, a new back-end data/web service "fetch" element, a new "prompt" element with built-in Voice User Interface (VUI) best practices, XPath expression and XML analysis, and more to the versatile language.  


Benefit: IVR, call control, and speech applications can be created with less time and expense than ever before.   In its first two real-world tests, CallXML 3.0 was used to build a complete auto attendant in fewer than 70 lines of code, and a state-of-the-art package pickup and tracking VUI in less than 4 hours.


Dialogic Card to SIP VOIP Gateway: VoiceCenter 6 is natively a SIP VOIP-based platform.  All VoiceCenter 6 components communicate and integrate with each other via the SIP standard.   VoiceCenter 6 includes a full-featured SIP VOIP Gateway software module that enables VoiceCenter 6 to work with both new and legacy Dialogic telephony cards.   


Benefit:  Customers with existing Dialogic-based IVR and telephony platforms can perform an easy software upgrade to Voxeo's VoiceCenter 6 platform - including full VOIP capabilities and support - without the cost of new telephony cards or VOIP gateways.  


In addition to the above features, VoiceCenter 6 also includes an enhanced management console for premise IVR customers, directory-driven ENUM standard call routing support, an unmatched increase in platform port density, and a built-in, pure-software multi-party conference server supporting up to 100 speaking and 10,000 listen-only participants.


"Voxeo's VoiceCenter 6 platform was built by adding two years of customer-driven features and numerous performance and reliability improvements to our already proven VoiceCenter 5 platform," said Ryan Campbell, Voxeo's Vice President of Engineering.  "Our customers have used VoiceCenter 5 to create over 25,000 telephony applications, and we look forward to working with them to enable thousands more with VoiceCenter 6."


The VoiceCenter 6 platform is available now.


Voxeo is exhibiting at the SpeechTEK Exhibition and Conference in New York in booth # 711 from August 1st through 4th, 2005.  Voxeo's CEO, CTO, and partners will also present in numerous sessions throughout the show.


About Voxeo


Voxeo Corporation is the leading provider of standards based, hosted and customer premise telephony solutions. These solutions extend versatile IP and XML technologies to make it easy to create, deploy, and maintain the widest variety of telephony applications. Voxeo customers, VARs, resellers, and channel partners leverage these solutions to enhance customer care, reduce costs, and generate new sources of revenue. For more information, visit www.voxeo.com , or call +1 (407) 418-1800.


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