Wizzard Software and IBM Extend IBM ViaVoice Toolkit Agreement

Wizzard Software to sell and support IBM ViaVoice speech recognition and text-to-speech toolkits and IBM ViaVoice®runtime distribution licenses. This extension provides Wizzard with the continued ability to distribute IBM ViaVoice developer products to a broad-based development community. IBM and Wizzard will continue to promote the availability of these technologies through Wizzard via a close marketing relationship supported by Internet cross-linking. 
Under this agreement:

  • IBM will provide Wizzard with IBM ViaVoice version 10.5 desktop SDKs and runtimes to support dictation and command/control (ASR) function in the latest Windows environments. IBM will also provide its desktop SDKs and runtimes for their formant based text-to-speech offering in Windows and Linux. Both ASR and TTS products support a wide variety of popular languages. 
  • Wizzard will continue to offer developers a server implementation (branded by Wizzard as WizzScribe). WizzScribe is a server-based speech recognition offering powered by IBM ViaVoice technology.  WizzScribe supports the offline conversion of voice audio into text, bringing large vocabulary voice recognition technology to a wide range of applications.
  • Wizzard will continue to offer its own branded voice tools and services to assist the development community and in-house corporate users to implement and deploy the range of IBM ViaVoice technologies in its products and/or at its locations.

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