XoVox Communications Releases XoVox Mobile and Communicator4, and Teams with LegalDocs

XoVox and LegalDocs have teamed to offer a system that connects the spoken word with a final formatted document.

XoVox released its latest solution XoVox Mobile - interview capture and processing.

XoVox Mobile is a digital recording, digital transcription and workflow product designed for the process of capturing, transferring and transcribing digitally recorded Interviews.

XoVox developed their XoVox Mobile solution designed for the police service and developed in conjunction with working police officers.

Some of the key benefits from this development are:

  • An improvement in audio quality due to the use of digital recording equipment
  • The data is available for sending as soon as the interview is completed
  • The Voice Recording can have information added to it before sending by including header details about the officer, the interviewee, the incident, date, time and length of the recording
  • The Voice File is secured and encrypted before sending
  • The recorded file along with the header detail can be viewed in terms of where it is in the transcription process
  • Priority recordings can be found and typed from the work list

XoVox also released its latest version of XCommunicator, version 4. XCommunicator4 is a Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth USB adaptor bundle that has been specially commissioned by XoVox.

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