Transcription Makes a Call to has added Simulscribe’s voicemail-to-text solution to its new Salesbyfone application, a telephone-based interactive voice response system that allows mobile salespeople to access their CRM accounts remotely.

The Simulscribe application uses speech-to-text technology to convert voicemail messages into text. The automatic voicemail transcript can then be delivered to a user’s mobile phone, PDA, or email address in near real-time with the caller's phone number in the subject line, transcribed voice message in the body, and an audio file of the original message as an attachment.

In addition to accessing messages through their accounts, the Simulscribe integration with’s Salesbyfone application also allows users to dictate meeting notes and other details over the phone and see them appear in text form or automatically dial and send an email to a contact simply by speaking it over the phone. These functions occur in near-real time, allowing users to quickly act on or respond to critical business situations as they happen.

The Salesbyfone application allows salespeople access to all the information in their CRM accounts by phone using their voices. To access files through Salesbyfone, a salesperson dials into a password-protected toll-free number that is unique to that user.

"So many people are using CRM applications, particularly," says Kelly Brighton, director of marketing at "So often they’re on the road, and it’s difficult for them to do too much in a single shot. This ups their productivity because they can access all their information anywhere, using Salesbyfone with voice to pull information out or update information."

According to Brighton, the Simulscribe integration follows other partnerships that has forged with the vendor. "SimulScribe integration is a major component of the Salesbyfone value proposition," Michael Zirngibl, president and CEO of, said in a statement. "With Salesbyfone and the transcription functionality powered by SimulScribe, on-the-go sales representatives can access virtually every capability within a contact record as if they were at a computer."

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