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GoVivace Inc. helps you unlock the power of speech processing technologies. We appreciate that your business is unique and offer customized solutions to ensure that you achieve the highest accuracy in the speech to text and dramatically improve customer satisfaction. Our vast solution portfolio can take care of all your speech intelligence needs like speech transcription, speech-based identification, and verification, biometrics, gender ID, language ID, age and emotion ID.

All our solutions are available on-premise and via a cloud API so you can access them where ever and whenever you need. Larry Baldwin, Manager of Voice Services at IBI Group, states “I chose, and will continue to choose, GoVivace for three main reasons: accuracy, service, and price. I’ve found that the GoVivace team has produced a very high-quality product and their team is very supportive”.

GoVivace can help you unleash the power of speech with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and take your business to the next phase. Contact us today for a discussion with our team. 

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  • Speech to text (Audio Transcription)
    GoVivace's Speech to Text and is highly accurate and fully customizable. It includes built-in intent understanding modules to aid in rapid chatbot prototyping, in addition to full transcription.
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
    The GRXML based Automatic Speech Recognition engine accurately recognizes audio and convert speech into text and supports several English accents and can be localized to any language. ASR engine supports standard telephony as well as web and mobile applications.
  • Voice Biometrics/Speaker Characteristics
    Voice Biometric technology helps us identify the gender, accent, age and emotional state of the caller.
  • Speaker Identification/Language Identification
    Speaker Identification solution powered by voice biometrics technology, that can rapidly match a voice sample with thousands, even millions, of voices. Verification helps you to authenticate the identity.
  • Keyword spotting & call monitoring
    GoVivace offers a Keyword Spotting solution, an application of Speech Recognition technology, which monitors the quality of calls in a customer contact center.
  • captionAI-Real-Time Captioning for live events and conferences
    captionAI makes meetings, conference, and events accessible to global audience members with its real-time multilingual captioning capabilities. captionAI solution ensures full participation and inclusion by all attendees for Conferences, Meetings, Training Sessions, Group Discussions, Video Conferences & Webcasts, Sporting Events, Concerts, Events, Live TV Shows, etc.
  • CALLai
    CALLai which is a one-stop solution for contact/call centers to monitor the speech transcriptions and analytics in real time while conversing with clients.