LumenVox LLC

LumenVox LLC
  • 591 Camino de la Reina, Suite 1040
  • San Diego CA 92108
  • USA


LumenVox is a total speech solutions company. Celebrating our 18th year, LumenVox provides a complete stack of speech and speaker recognition technology. We support a multitude of ID and Access Management applications for voice, facial biometrics-passive and active authentication, fraud prevention and public security. LumenVox allows you to effectively deploy speech-enabled applications to improve the Call Center CX and ROI with LumenVox’ flexible, cost-effective software suite. LumenVox’ 3- year Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88 demonstrates LumenVox’ commitment to supporting our partners and their customers’ enterprise, carrier and hosted service provider environments.

List of Products:

LumenVox Speech Recognizer, Text-to-Speech Engine, Call Progress Analysis, Speech Tuner, Natural language solution support, Voice Biometric Authentication, and  Multifactor Biometric Authentication.



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