Voice Biometrics Group

Voice Biometrics Group
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VBG is a Platform-as-a-Service provider of voice biometric technology.  Our voice biometric engine has been under constant development since 2009 and features the latest deep learning techniques.  VBG technology can support any active or passive use case, and any language.  Currently, we support over 35 different languages in production. 

VBG’s platform is extremely flexible, scalable, and reliable.  We process many millions of requests annually and have had zero downtime in over 4 years.  In addition to our own data center, we are deployed in every major public cloud, many premise locations globally, and are being leveraged in a wide range of applications for IVR, call center, enterprise, mobile, voice bots, and IoT. 

VBG makes it very easy to do business with us.  We provide exceptional value to our clients and partners, backed by excellent customer support.  Contact us today!