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July/August 2022

Magazine Features

Interest Mounts for Emotion Detection

Speech analytics are getting better at identifying emotional states, but challenges remain.

Analytics Turns Its Sights on Interactions

A growing number of use cases in the contact center make the case for increased analytics.


Editor's Letter

Analytics Is All the Rage

Thanks to innovations in AI, cloud computing, and NLP, advancements in speech analytics have been fast and furious.

Forward Thinking

Conversational Agents Move Toward Interoperability

On the path from garden walls to interoperable open agents.

In Other Words

7 Ways to Avoid Code Rework for Language Translation

Code is logical, organized. Unfortunately for developers, language is less so.


The Rise (and Risks) of Speech Synthesis Applications

The use cases for synthetic voice abound, but companies will need to guard against malicious actors.

Voice Value

Medical Practices Don’t Want to Be Pushed to the Cloud

Security/privacy concerns and administrative burdens plague cloud-based medical speech recognition.


Voice Privacy and Security Need Greater Attention

Privacy standards too often overlook voice data.


European Union Reins in Big Tech

The Digital Services Package will prohibit so-called gatekeepers from restricting consumers' access to third-party voice technologies and other applications and digital services.

Microsoft Reins in Its Voice Capabilities

The tech giant said its measures would amount to a significant update to the "Responsible AI Standard" it first released in 2001.

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