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June 2009

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Speech Tech University

What college students are learning today, and what employers need to look for.

The Big Strike or Fool's Gold?

The truth about the rush in the mobile applications market and the perils of easy money.

We Want YOU to Get This Call

With outbound IVR, it's all about getting the message to the right person.


Helping Students Help Themselves

A speech application helps new students adjust to college life.

Voters Decide in Favor of an IVR

Voter registration and complaint systems were a hit during the 2008 national elections.


Editor's Letter

Diamonds in the Rough Economy

The Business Case

The Recession's Impact on Contact Center Investments

Not all technologies will take a huge financial hit.

Forward Thinking

On-Demand Services and Mashups

Both allow for greater use of voice on mobile devices

Inside Outsourcing

Let's Verify Our Terms Correctly

In voice biometrics, the key phrases aren't interchangeable.


Is Your Goal to Get Rid of Money?

Relying solely on industry standards sets the bar too low.

A View from AVIOS

A View from the Voice Search Conference

Opportunities abounded to try something new.

Voice Value

Speech Shows Its Worth in a Down Economy

Spending is sometimes needed to save money or generate revenue.

Speech Solutions

Automated Speech Analytics


AT&T Launches Multitenant Hosting on Call Center Technologies

The company offers business customers a virtual call center.


Under-the-radar speech industry news

Tellme Pushes One-Button Voice Access to Mobile Communications

Voice features will be a big part of Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 phones.

Tellme Upgrades Are in the Clouds and Beyond

The Microsoft subsidiary updates its voice platform as it nears the two-year anniversary of its acquisition.


Is the Promise of Outbound IVR All Talk?

What's in a Name?

Kindle takes on the president, with not-so-good results.

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