• 548 Market Street #94674
  • San Francisco CA 94104
  • USA


Gridspace is a voice technology and artificial intelligence software company that was formed as a collaboration with the lab behind Siri and Nuance.

Gridspace provides natural-sounding virtual agents and voice observability software to contact centers. The company is a true, full-stack provider of conversational AI – building and integrating its own enterprise-grade softswitch, real-time conversational ASR, semantic search engine, neural TTS, dialog management system, authoring interface, management dashboards and analytics modules.  The company also develops its own large language models (LLMs) for real-time conversational speech.

Gridspace offers templatized use cases for healthcare, financial services and other considered-purchase verticals that ensure out-of-the-box task accuracy and is one of the largest Kubernetes cluster operators for streaming speech and handles billions of conversation minutes.