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LumenVox provides the most comprehensive, speech-enabling software available in the market today. LumenVox provides companies with the flexibility and control needed for speech applications in any network environment.

  • ASR with Transcription, built upon a foundation of AI and ML, is a high performing software that understands languages and dialects in a single model to best serve more diverse users.
  • NLU Gateway, modular component of LumenVox ASR that seamlessly integrates high performing ASR technology with major intent engines.  
  • Text–to–Speech, robust software that provides TTS synthesis and turns written text into speech.
  • Call Progress Analysis detects answering machine and voicemail tones, supporting millions of transactions per month.
  • Voice Biometrics, a single engine, safely authenticates users for active and passive use cases. 

LumenVox provides toolsets with its portfolio so that customers can easily tune, adjust, and create language models optimally.

List of Products:

ASR with transcription, Text-to-Speech, Call Progress Analysis, Voice Biometrics (Active & Passive), Speech Tuner, and NLU Gateway.


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