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  • 612 00 Brno - Czech Republic
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Phonexia offers a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge speech recognition and voice biometrics technologies ready to meet any commercial or governmental scenario. Powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, acoustics, phonetics, and voice biometrics science, Phonexia’s products are extremely accurate, fast, and scalable.

Phonexia Voice Verify is a market-leading voice verification solution for contact centers in banks and insurance, telco, and utility companies, as well as for conversational AI interfaces, such as voicebots. Phonexia Voice Verify can verify clients with over 92% accuracy after only 3 seconds of speech. This ability enables businesses to reduce their contact center costs greatly, compared to lengthy client authentication over the phone, while improving customer experience and account security at the same time. Phonexia Voice Verify can be quickly evaluated via a demo and a sandbox, and a PoC can be finished in a matter of weeks.


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