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LumenVox offers a comprehensive speech-enabling software suite that includes advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) with transcription, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Gateway, Text-to-Speech, Call Progress Analysis, and Voice Biometrics.

Built on artificial intelligence and machine learning, the software provides flexibility and control for speech applications in any network environment.

  • ASR with Transcription: Industry-leading accuracy for both grammar-based directed dialogue ASR and long-form transcription, in streaming or offline batch mode, across accents and dialects
  • NLU Gateway: Seamlessly integrates with all major intent engines for Natural Language Understanding
  • Text-to-Speech: Turns written text into human-sounding speech for better customer communication
  • Call Progress Analysis: Distinguishes between machines and live humans, business or residence, to better categorize calls, deliver messages with superior precision, and reduce average handle time for agents
  • Voice Biometrics: Authenticates users via voiceprint for automatic identity verification and security, including a variety of anti-fraud measures such as liveness detection

LumenVox also provides administration and analysis tools to tune speech application performance. 

List of Products:  ASR with transcription, Text-to-Speech, Call Progress Analysis, Voice Biometrics (Active & Passive) and NLU Gateway


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